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Mark Castillo

Program Coordinator

Ed.D. University of Pennsylvania (Expected May, 2023)

MSc.R., University of Edinburgh

M.A., King's College London




Mark Castillo is Program Coordinator for the University of Pennsylvania's International Relations Program. In addition to his regular duties of Program administration and student advising, he serves as Senior Liaison Officer to over 170 colleges and universities that host chapters of Sigma Iota Rho, the National Honor Society for International Studies, which is based in the IR Program.

Mark's interests lie in American social and political histories. Before coming to Penn, he earned two postgraduate degrees in the United Kingdom, from the University of Edinburgh and the War Studies Department of King’s College London. He has authored and taught three iterations of INTR-290-602, “Secret Intelligence in American Democracy, 1776 to Present.” And alongside Frank Plantan, former Co-Director of the IR Program, has co-taught several offerings of "Counterintelligence."

Beyond his administrative duties, Mark is studying for the degree of Doctor of Education at Penn's Graduate School of Education, under the guidance of Jonathan Zimmerman. His forthcoming dissertation is about student politics and the coming of the American Civil War.

Selected Publications

"Out of the Mouths of Babes": Student Politics and the Coming of the Civil War (Ed.D. diss, forthcoming)

Courses Taught

Secret Intelligence in American Democracy, 1776 to Present

Counterintellignece (with Frank Plantan)