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Annual DC Trip an Enriching Experience for IR Students

This year's trip to Washington, D.C. was a successful and engaging experience for all those involved. This past Friday, students had the opportunity to visit NPR and network with IR alumni at a dinner reception. Many thanks to the entire IRUSA team for their help in planning and organizing. Below is some sagely career advice from alumnus Jason Mayer which trip atendees gleaned firsthand.

  • You can’t make a big mistake in your 20s. You will, however, make small ones that will be invaluable to you later.
  • Be honest with yourself: what you need and what you want are not always the same.
  • Think about your career “inductively” – what do you want to do all day?
  • The money will come, but not fall out of the sky.
  • People want to work with people they like. And trust.
  • Who you know matters more than what you know (until someone asks you a question).
  • Make yourself invaluable to someone. Then look around you and do it again, quickly.
  • Embrace your inner millennial while emulating the greatest generation.
  • Network your *^& off, everywhere you go. At school, at work, at a bar, at the dentist, on a train, at Thanksgiving dinner, etc. (just don’t be obvious about it!)

Be sure to look out for more trips and events with the IR Program in coming semesters!