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Second Annual Student Research Conference

Friday, April 7, 2017 - 9:00am

Perry World House

All are welcome to attend our day-long Second Annual Student Research Conference, held at the Perry World House!



Program Schedule


Session I       9am–10:20am

Good Old Fashioned Great Power Politics | Global Policy Lab

Private Actors, Markets and the State | Classroom 108

Power of Information | Conference Room

Development: Challenges and Issues | Graduate Lounge


Session II 10:30am–11:50am

Responses to Security Challenges | Global Policy Lab

The International Politics of Health and Human Rights | Classroom 108

(De)Constructing International Relations | Conference Room

Identity in International Politics | Graduate Lounge


Conference Luncheon and Keynote      Noon–1:50pm

Keynote Speaker: Dominic Tierney, Ph.D.

The Trump Doctrine and the Road to War


Alumni Briefing by Lisa Tretler    2:30pm-3:20pm

Tapping Your Potential: Leveraging Skills for Your Next Chapter


Session III   2:00pm–3:20pm

Those Wascally Europeans! | Global Policy Lab

Migration: Causes and Consequences | Classroom 108

Financial Markets and the State | Conference Room


Session IV   3:40pm–5:00pm

Senior Projects | Global Policy Lab

Terrorism: Causes and Responses | Classroom 108

Politics of Identity in Europe | Conference Room 

In the Shadows of Power | Graduate Lounge


International Relations Program                                5:00pm–6:30pm

Award Ceremony and Reception


Leading Graduate Schools in International Affairs        Day-long

Mr. Enrique Sondakh-Dorantes of the Association of Professional Schools in International Affairs (APSIA) will be available to speak with Conference participants throughout the day in the reception area, which is to the left of the World House main entrance