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Inside a U.S. Embassy: Diplomacy at Work


Shawn Dorman

Interested in the Foreign Service?


If you are considering joining the diplomatic corps, please join us on Friday, January 20 at 3 pm for a presentation on careers in the Foreign Service. Shawn Dorman is a former Foreign Service Officer and is currently the publisher of FS Books and an associate editor at the American Foreign Service Association ( She is the author of “Inside a U.S. Embassy: Diplomacy at Work,” which is considered one of the most authoritative guides to joining and working in the Foreign Service. She will talk about the Foreign Service exam, what you need to know, how to best prepare to become a U.S. diplomat, and other insider information that’s invaluable to anyone with plans to join the State Department, USAID or the other foreign affairs agencies. This event will take place in [location.]


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3:00 pm - 4:30 pm


Room 401 Fisher/Bennett Hall


34th & Walnut Sts.