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Careers in IR: Serving as an Officer in the Military

Monday, November 2, 2015 - 12:00pm

Careers in IR is a weekly lunch discussion on various career opportunities for IR grads.  In our second session Dr. Samuel Helfont returns to discuss careers in the military.


Dr. Helfont is a Lecturer in the International Relations Program, and a Fellow at the Foreign Policy Research Institute.  Prior to completing his PhD in Near Easter Studies at Princeton, Dr. Helfont served two tours in the Navy.


Dr. Helfont will discuss the "nuts and bolts" of starting a career in the military.  IF you are interested in applying to OCS, and serving as an officer in the military after graduation, this is a must-not-miss opportunity to gain insight into what it is like to serve, and how military service will affect and shape your subsequent career trajectory.


Please RSVP to Mark Castillo by Friday 12PM noon, 10/30/15